Ditch the workout & join the party!



If you have tried gyms and traditional fitness programs that just didn't work...

Then you are going to absolutely love our Zumba Fitness Classes!  Zumba Fitness is all about taking the work out of the workout and infusing it with fun!


Finally you will get the results you have always wanted!  Why?

Because you will be having so much fun you will enthusiastically be consistent and once you begin to see the change in your body and in the way you feel, there will be no turning back.


Jump, dance, laugh, sing and move with us!

All of that Total Body Infusion will give you the lean energetic body you want as well as put a great big smile on your face at the same time.  Don't wait.  Try one of our classes, thoughtfully put together by people certified in fitness training, to give you the workout you need to help you attain your goals.

















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